Be prepared and purchase your materials for the Studio Mama Ceramics Courses in advance!

Suggested materials (professional/budget):

Air Dry Clay - Amazon   Scarva    Ebay

Rolling pin (can also use glass bottle) - Local supermarket/ Pound shop/ Hot Clay

Set of sculpting tools - Hot Clay

Paint brushes - Local Supermarket/ Pound Shop/ Amazon

Acrylic paint/ Enamel paint - Local Supermarket/ Pound Shop/ Amazon

Varnish/ PVA Glue - Local Supermarket/ Pound Shop/ Amazon

Work Surface - Wooden board/ table covered with thick, untextured pure cotton

Disposable gloves

Information on courses

Use Earthenware clay and receive a FREE firing service 

(See below new drop-off/collection procedure complying with Covid-19 restrictions).

Only for those based in Glasgow

Create food safe & waterproof, functional pieces

Same tools necessary as Air-Dry clay 


Earthenware clay - Hot-Clay

Earthenware glaze/s of your choice (check glazes are same firing range) - Hot-Clay,  Scarva


Covid-19 kiln service

Order your own materials,

choose an object below,

purchase a £15 tutorial,

download it,


contact for 1-1 advice service.

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