Ceramics Studio
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Kiln Hire

Affordable kiln hire 

No membership fee

Flexible drop off/pick up times

Packaging service 

Ceramic Workshops

From one-to-one to group workshops.

Two-part workshops: making/glazing

No previous experience required.


Included in the price: all materials, tools, tuition/technician fee, two kiln firings, and two dates in the studio.

Workshops tailored to needs of the individual, however there are also ready-made packages to choose from. To view these packages click 'Book services'. 

Studio Mama is a ceramics studio in Glasgow founded by the award-winning Artist Debbie Young. It began in response to the issues faced by creatives - namely high costs and a lack of support.

Studio Mama offers affordable kiln hire (without membership), workshops and expertise. Clients include: The Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow and the Glasgow School of Art.